Guitars for the Senses

About Me

As For The Particulars

I'm Dan Splinter, and when asked to describe myself, the best I've ever been able to come up with is, "A pleasant semi-bohemian with a good sense of humor." And in all honesty, I think that about sums up my personality.

I happily live in an old fixer-upper house in a small town in Southern Wisconsin with my wife Sarah, our dog Kiku and our cat Flutterby.

As For My Background

I went to art school and got a BFA in painting, with some post grad work in sculpture. I loved it, but discovered that while I had a good design sense, I really had nothing interesting to say in paint.

I studied music fairly seriously throughout my younger years, and played in several orchestras and bands, mainly on the cello. I gained a real love for all forms of music and a solid understanding of instruments. But I was never really comfortable performing.

I became interested in woodwork through the sculpture work I had done in college, and avidly pursued knowledge and instruction wherever I could find it. I have spent years learning about wood, tools and their use. But frankly, I've learned that I don't really want to build other people's kitchens.

The magic happened when I discovered I could combine all this. The love and appreciation of a good instrument. The artistic ability to design them. And the craftsmanship to build them.

I had finally found "what I want to be when I grow up." A builder of fine guitars.